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Should You be An Entrepreneur?

Should You be An Entrepreneur?

A couple of your friends have turned entrepreneurs. You read about entrepreneur success stories in the papers and magazines every now and then. You feel inspired to take the plunge. How nice it would be to give up the boring 9-6 job, and do something of your own! After all, you do have a few exciting ideas, right? But are you really cut out for it? Should you be an entrepreneur?

Soft Skills You Must Have

When you appear for a job interview, it is not only your qualifications and experience that is assessed. More that "what you know" and "what you did", potential employers want to know "what you can do". To assess what you can do, they evaluate you on 5 important criteria. These are 5 essential soft skills, that every employee must exhibit for a successful career.

5 Essential Soft Skills For A  Successful Career

Handling Free Time At Work

Sitting in your cubicle, you spend hours typing away, poring into files and doing paperwork.  Does your busy schedule at work give you a few minutes for yourself? Do you spend every moment stressed out about the things you need to get done? Or do you have everything nicely organized into your work day, every day? Whether you lag behind in your work or are on top of it, chances are that you do have some free time in your work day.

Free Time, Really?

The Art Of Professional Networking

The Art Of Professional Networking

"Networking" has become a strong buzzword these days. From social networking to professional networking, everyone wants to build contacts and make friends. But it's not really just "making friends". Professional Networking is a lot more. It can be the soft cushion that protects you from the upheavals of an economy in recession. Your professional network works for you when you are out of work. Your contacts root for you and get you business when nothing seems to be going right.

Is Online MBA Worth Your Money And Time?

In this age of internet and exciting new careers, traditional methods of education are passe. We have so many new careers emerging as hot favorites, that the traditional degrees and course are not even valid any longer. But one degree that remains as popular as ever is the MBA. Before we pursue the question of online MBA degree, let us try to understand what MBA really is.

What Is MBA?

Is Your Collar Green?

Is Your Collar Green?

We have all read and witnessed so much about the traditional blue collar jobs and the newer white collar jobs. But blue and white collars are really passe in the professional world. The latest color in 'work' collars is none other than GREEN!

What Are Green Collared Jobs?

Are You A Useful Resource?

Thousands of women work at various levels in the corporate Indian setup. But when it comes to downsizing, only a handful few will be able to retain their jobs. When it is time to hand out pink slips, women as a group are an easy target. Though this can be seen from a "sexual discrimination" point of view, the fact remains that even today, women are perceived to be less capable than men.
Talking of perceptions, how are YOU perceived in your organization?
Are You Considered A Useful Resource?

Should You Lie On Your Resume?

Most people do not think much of piling on a few "little lies" to their resume. After all, a small lie cannot hurt anyone, especially if it can help you in clinching a job, right? WRONG! If you are caught lying, you may have to face dire consequences that may leave a permanent mark on your career.

Having said that, the fact remains that almost one quarter of job seekers tend to lie on their resumes. What do they lie about?

Control Your Anger At Workplace

Raveena recently lost her job in a multinational bank. The reason cited by the HR guys was "repeated display of overtly aggressive and violent behavior". Little irritations that went uncontrolled turned into fights and constant bickering. Her peers complained about her anger episodes every now and then. But when a few customers complained of Raveena's aggressive behavior, it was the last straw.

How To Deal With A Layoff?


Experts say that the emotional turbulence caused by a layoff is as bad as that due to a divorce or a death in the family. The loss of a job is not merely the loss of a source of income. It means a lot more than that and often leads to a complete loss of faith and self confidence. The worst thing is that you may be laid off one fine day, for no fault of your own. You may lose your job owing to a downsizing in your company, or even due to the closure of your unit. Whatever the reason may be, LAYOFFS are a reality.