Expert Advice

In keeping with our goal of creating India's first career community for women, we have launched a new section where YOUR contribution can affect thousands of careers. Naukriforwomen invites all the Employers to participate in our "Expert Advice" section. This is basically a forum where job seekers post their career queries, and YOU (our industry experts) will answer them. A few minutes of your time can give a positive direction to thousands of women out there, who are looking for guidance and advice.

How To Participate?

Participating in our "Expert Advice" section is very simple. Just read the questions that have been posted by job seekers in this forum. Whenever you feel that a particular question falls under your area of expertise, or you simply feel that you know the answer, reply to that question with your suggestions and advice.

What's In It For You?

The satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and experience with thousands of women is a reward in itself. When you reply to a query with your advice, it will be read by thousands of women who will be very appreciative of your kind gesture. This will be your contribution to the goal of creating a career community for women, a small step towards the larger objective of reducing the gender disparity at the workplace. 

We will also be regularly giving out "Top Employer" honours. Who knows, perhaps the job seekers who read your advice may vote for you to get the awards! 

So please take out a few minutes from your tight schedule, and visit our Expert Advice Forum regularly...and change lives!